THTRFLM 1T03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Frantz Fanon, Video Art, Continuity Editing

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Lecture 13: Cultural Contexts of The Battle of Elderbush Gulch &
The Shirt
Class Process Moving Forward
Lectures will:
provide a historical and critical context for each play/film
point your attention to important questions about the play/film
Lectures will NOT:
analyze the play/film in detail
provide an interpretation of the play/film
Contexts: Colonialism
The Shirt “decolonizes” what is going on in Elderbush
Colonialism: process by which one country invades & claims authority over another
Serves interests of colonizers
Assumes inferiority of the colonized
Colonialism and History
Early histories were commissioned by monarchs
Kings paid academics to write a history of their nation
Always has a point of view
Stories justified the power of the kings that commissioned them
Presented their own nation as God’s Nation
Presented their own people as “chosen” people
Presented their own people as intellectually and morally superior to other races
History and Fiction
What, therefore, is the difference between history and fiction?
History is inevitably embellished by imaginative fiction
ex. Indigenous Peoples seen as “savages,” “uncivilized,” etc.
What if the person writing was actually present when all of the events occurred?
Even then, the writing will reflect their own perspective and be distorted by memory
Writing History
The notion of an impartial and objective history is a myth
It involves the same selective process involved in the storytelling of theatre and film
Elderbush Gulch: white supremacist point of view
The Shirt: battles against Elderbush Gulch and its ideals
America: A Colonial History
Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492
It was a wild land but full of valuable resources
It was populated by violent, sexually promiscuous, heathen savages but they had no
The Christian nations of Europe took possession of this new land, fighting against the
savages in order to secure this new land in the name of God and their monarchs
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