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Lecture 7

THTRFLM 2S03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Consumer Movement, Run Lola Run, Chaos Theory

Theatre & Film Studies
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Jennifer Askey

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Fox 1 Lecture 7
Thursday November 6, 2014
Run Lola Run
Moving out of the cold war period divided Germany
Berlin located in center of DDR
In oct - nov 1989, beginning of civil unrest in east Germany and this is a
consumer discontent-east Germans fed up with fact that they can’t obtain
material goods like food
East Germanys cash rich but goods poor company
Wages workers were making couldn’t spend it on anything
Frustration boils over in 1989 and there are strikes and protests
Soviet: Gorbacheu Consumer movement
Political liberation: intellectuals and churches
Builds up to the wall coming down
Out of east Germany into the west to get goods
Politicians intervene
In 1989-1990, both west and east Germans trying to deal with wall coming down
and getting order=not a conclusion to reunify Germany
CDU Helmat Kohl
Content in which movie was filmed
Filmed in 1998
Directed by Tom Tykwer
Looking at elections in 1999
Helmat Kohl in power before 1989
2 main parties:
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