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Lecture 4

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Theatre & Film Studies
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Joe Sokalski

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Fox 1 Lecture 4 Theatre & Film 3FF3 Monday September 30 , 2013  American Film Industry in the Silent Period I. Industrial Trends: A) Production: Director lead to producer lead film production B) Distribution: Movement from purchasing films to rentals/The Trust formed General Film in 1910 (distribution rental film company)/ C) Exhibition: Leads us to movie palaces WW. Hodkinson: Only create feature films/Became Paramount Pictures General Film Company: The Trust formed General Film in 1910 (distribution rental film company) Block Booking: Must have it for the full year, guarantees product (have something new on their screen all year), works if all of the films are good, Adolph Zukor: Producer who used paramount to circulate his films, and wanted Paramount to produce films themselves so he buys Paramount and merges his own company (Famous Players) with Jesse Lasky’s company and they own Paramount/to become the largest film production and distribution company in the world (Famous Players-Lasky), dominated the marketplace through exhibition/ Thomas Tally: Formed First National Exhibitors Circuit/competition with Zukor’s Paramount/ didn’t produce its own filmed but financed independent films/tries to dominate with production powers Vertical Integration: company engages in 2 or more activities of the industry (exhibition and distribution
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