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Theatre & Film Studies
Joe Sokalski

Theatre and film 3ff3 Classical Film Story is everything, the best telling of the tale. All elements are subservient to the telling of this story. Unity of the story. Fiilm moves in a linear manner so audiences don’t get confused. It moves in chronological order. Each event is marked step by step to the next event. Time and Space is coherent through each scene. The unity is of course obtained by clear narrative resolution with all questions about the plot being answered and all ends being tied up. Classical film creates habit between viewers, creates quite a sense of laziness on the part of the viewer. Classical film narritives that jump out from bringing up baby. The notion of time and deadlines. Bringing up baby, restricted as to what it can represent. David falls in love with susan vance and it comes to a peak when they are lost in the fores, comes again to a peak as she trips and falls. Degree to which charcaters commit to each other emotionally. We don’t see any physicalizatio of there love because of the sensors of the day. They play with dominate ideologies but adhere to them, they want to please people. They don’t want you to change your belief system in any way shape or form. Classical films are conservative to a large degree. Howard Hawk- obvious choce because he hate any techniques that call attention to itself, he avoids montage editing and generally lays out his shots as medium eye level shots. Rarely changes angle. Like to set up camera and work within a frame. Silent Avant Garde Film making I france Formative History- It’s strengthened by Charles Pathe, one of two brothers, owned a company called pathe frère. Started as marketer of phonographs, moved into motion pictures. Come to be very influential industrialists. Pathe really becomes the most important person in the French industry. Also an inventor, refines certain technologies in the motion picture production. They buy out lumiere brothers. Zecca became important for pathe, he had an uncanny sense as to the kind sof films people would pay t see. Pathe frère set up studios all over the world. Set up an international distribution system. Their success c
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