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Lecture 9

THTRFLM 3N03 Lecture 9: Week 12

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McMaster University
Theatre & Film Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

Week 12 Maureen Bradley - Stranded  Human, home, animal and natural terrains  Intricate mix of filmic strategies, e.g. soundscapes behind Bradley’s storied voice-over  There are measured silences and domestic sounds, creaking furniture and buzzing of machines, street sounds of sirens and horns and nature sounds of gurgling water  Fast moving abstract images  Tolling bells (final sounds) underline the concerns of life and death  About a woman named Charlotte  Voiceover narrative about Charlotte, a woman obsessed with her mortality  Warding off the decay and excess of the body  The shedding of the body and that what means for her home  Her domestic environment is diseased by her dead hair and skin  She removes her body hair and she says that she feels free after she does so  Interrogating how the normalized ways of making the body to look a certain way  Combination of both leisurely ad rapid visuals speaks to a consideration of time and mortality  Close-ups f water life and nature; these images underline the significance of ecological and animal health in relation to human survival  “while the voice-over suggests phobias and obsessions, the images engage a bigger world beyond the human teeming with life emerging from wreckage or encasement” (Zimmerman)  There is an interesting tension around what is going around Charlotte and the visuals  The narrative does not fit the images; they are contesting each other  Impressionistic work
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