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Lecture 8

THTRFLM 3N03 Lecture 8: Week 13

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McMaster University
Theatre & Film Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

Final Exam - Must use one course reading Week 13 Masayesya Reading - The idea of experimentalism: situated in relation to particular Indigenous cultures and what he calls an “Indigenous aesthetic” - Issues of: access and technological development; ways in which Indigenous people create communities  Community is very significant to Indigenous subjects - The representation of Indigenous peoples  Problematic in light of histories of colonialism and racism  Practices of primitivism  Exoticism: romanticizing as exotic others - He emphasizes the significance of the recent development of Indigenous media, “for the cultural and political purposes of Indigenous peoples”  It is a means to support Indigenous people and sustain the Indigenous culture Shelly Niro - Member of the Turtle Clan, Bay of Quinte Mohawk from the Six Nations Reserve - Painting, photography, sculpture, filmmaking - How the artist discusses her work/what she seeks to achieve:  Rich visual strategies  Confidence in her own vision  A responsibility regarding social issues  A responsibility regarding her community (including issues about loss of language and community) - Questions about community: how is it sustained? How is it difficult? - Importance of challenging stereotypes - Importance of humour (tends to be a hopelessness in many documentaries about Indigenous peoples) - Issues of identity and negotiating identity The Shirt - Photo essay - Images of the Grand River and Niagara Falls, areas where hundreds of Indigenous tribes lived. Haudenosaunee territory - The shirt says “and all I get is this shirt” but then the woman in the next shot doesn’t have it which shows how the Indigenous people actually have ended up with nothing - Even with the limited things that the Indigenous people have
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