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Women's Studies-Jan.11 "Science, Technology and Gender"

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Women’s Studies
Laura Wiebe

January 11 Science Technologies and GenderDefinitions of sexgender varies across culturesideas about gender and sexuality are not natural They are social constructions produced in particular places and timesConflation of the categories o the notions that the relationship between gender and sex are causal not learnedo The normalization of characteristics who decides what is normalThe legitimization of normal western science the main discourse through which modern notions of racial and sexual perceptions are created The history of science helps to explore the roots of notions of gender and sexuality Sandra Harding neither God nor tradition is privileged with the authority science is given o science as an arbiter of what is healthy right the norm what the body should or should not look like How does science become the legitimizer of the normWho is remembered and revered isbased on how knowledge is constitutedSheila Robothum oWho is in the position to do the tellingo The mindset in which the knowledge or truth is received affects the information th Elizabeth Stone19 centurypoultices with moldy breadhome remedy not scientific
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