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Women's Studies-Mar.7 "Production, Consumption and the Beauty Industry"

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Women’s Studies
Laura Wiebe

March 7 Production Consumerism and the Beauty Industry Production the way that art and media are created and manufacturedhow they are made by people and companies in specific places and in particular times Grewal and Kaplan 265 o contextualization of information how is comes to be the socialhistoriceconomic context of its creation o the link between representation and productionpart of a larger process the way in which production is gendered pertains to the creation and domains of high culture and pop culture folkcraftdomestic cultures as associated with female and high culture being associated with malesalternative productionas relates to culture jamming and resistenceConsumption purchasing and acquiring commodities o underlying understanding through binariesmale production and female consumption and their connotationsstereotypesBocock in this period of odern capitalism the binary relation of production and consumption was quite strongly gendered production for men consumption for women329 o In the same way production is gendered consumption is gendered through the devaluation of connotativelyassociatively female productsSeen as mass and mindless emotiona
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