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Women's Studies-Jan.23. Gendered Identities in Nations and States

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McMaster University
Women’s Studies
Laura Wiebe

Women Culture Power Laura Wiebe January 23Gendered Identities in Nations and StatesGender ideology and the division of labour nation and global contexts womens labour not consideredo Three levels of invisibility of womens unpaid workEconomic invisibility as outlined by mary WarringIdeological invisibility not socially coded as real work or coded as labour of love if they ARE connected with notions of labour at allsocialization of human beings constant care given to infants and the emotional and intellectual work is not counted as labour Connection to the dominant ideology of motherhoodhow is motherhood defined Adrian Rich second wave feminists motherhood as an institution makes a distinction of institution of motherhood and the experience Institution the social requirements to be regarded as a good mother and the criticism received for aberrant mothering practices And experience having the potential for societal change Physical invisibility performed in the home and rapidly consumedno tangible evidence of the labour performed maintaining a household the hypervisibility of the work going unperformed the feminine mystique articulates women are deeply unhappy without function or life outside of their roles as wives and mothers all
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