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Women's Studies-Mar.14 "Representation, Cultures, Media and Market"

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Women’s Studies
Laura Wiebe

March 14 Representations Cultures Media and Markets Females have become selfsurveyors as well as the focus of the male gazeset up as objects of sexual desire o Connected to concepts of innocence and housewife as the guard of the morality of the householdo Archetypal female figuresThe Madonna young pale mother figure connoting virginal innocenceThe whore overly sexualized slightly dangerous female figure o Women of colour pushed into the more sexualized context or the woman as nature stereotype o Twilight in the context of appeal what is the appeal to young girlsGrown up love storyfemale protagonist saved by strong male possibility of identification fantasy in what Bella could be limited by notions of passivity and needing to be saved the notion that the best you can be is the lover of noble nonhuman male the objectification of the male body Appeal to young males the role of males in females lives setting up norms of male gender roles below the love triangle reside other relationships potentials Fanart replacing the heterosexual relationships with homose
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