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Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 8 Lecture Notes

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Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Constituting Family Week 8Lecture NotesthFinal ExamDecember 15 2011 from 730 to 930 pmNext week is the inclass writing exerciseit is about the film Persepholis y Thought joggers will be provided beforehand y Automatic 5 for participatingEssay y Italicize or underline the titleyou do not have the continuously cite the film throughout the essay y Clear argument neededAutobiography and Visual Culture y What is a family There are multiple variations y From reality television to film and video to performance art to graphic memoirs auto biography is everywhere in todays visual mediascapes y Not necessarily a fixed genre y Biographywritten about a life Autobiography is suggesting that one writes about oneself reflexivity y Theorists are only beginning to examine the rise of postmodern autobiography and to imagine its implications o Challenge the idea of a fixed and stable self o Instead the self is very multiple and fragmented o People thinking critically about the self y Contemporary research on autobiography o Visual practices of selfnarration and selfportraiture o Moving beyond a view of autobiography as confessional and as limited to recognizable coherent life narratives o Working with an expanded concept of the autobiographical signature or trace o How visual autobiographies generate visceral responses affective o How autobiography may be understood not as truthtelling but as a leaky practices characterized by a selfconscious partiality an embodied positionality and a tentativeness that leaves space for others to enter Patti LatherYou can never tell everything about a lifeAutoethnography y Autoself y Ethnography study of human culture y Autoethnography a practice of autobiography whereby the self is investigated as socially constructedy The person doing the autobiography is creating a bit of distanceunderstand how they are constructed in a larger social sphere Page 1 of 4
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