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Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 10 Lecture Notes

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Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Colonialism and Resistance Week 10Lecture NotesColonization and territory disrupted taken over and redefined y The physical appropriation of the land y The regulation and enclosing of land by state rule y Organization and commodification of bodies to work the landPostcolonialism y Theories and ideas concerned with forms of power that were established under colonialism y Theories and ideas concerned with the effects of colonialism historically and in contemporary times With respect to the latter for example the ways that First Nations people still face the perseverance of colonialism through the dominance of white Western ideas and culture the appropriation of landy Refers to o An examination of the way in which colonized peoples have been dominated in terms of languages culture land bodies economics labour politics law etc o Expressions of resistance to colonization and to theories about those resistances decolonizationdecolonizing thought o A way of analyzing imperialism the ideas and practices of colonizers and colonialism the expressions of imperialism on colonized cultures and territoriesFeminist postcolonial thought y Has been critical of the tendency to position a single category of the colonized subject without a recognition that colonial oppression is shaped differently for women and men y Bringing women into consideration since traditionally they have not been considered in postcolonial studies y Also a recognition that in addressing racism and colonialism differences of culture and circumstances must be taken into account specifics matter y Important in this regard Chandra Talpade Mohanty Gayatri Spivak Anne McClintock double colonization oppression as a colonized subjects and as a woman Toni Morrison Jacqui Alexander Trinh T Minhha and Rey Chow y How gender race and class intersect in practices of imperialism y Examines the colonization of women y Argues the centrality of gender in understanding colonialism eg discourses of domesticity how stereotypical images of women comprise part of a colonial discourseGlobalization y Spread of Westernization o Increased technologiescommunications shared economies global village networking cultural spread back and forth y Refers to the growth and acceleration of economic and cultural networks operating on a global basis Page 1 of 4
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