Women's Studies-Mar.21 "Riot Grrl and Women in Music"

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March 21
- riot grrrl
o Ferris:
response to male domination of punk and punk zines,
Vehicle for anger
Exploring possibilities of ‘riot grrrl’ identity
Community through dialogue
o Scott Dixon:
Poses ‘riot grrrl’ as hugely inspirational for ezines
Aggressive reclamation of ‘girl culture’ and ‘shaming’ words
o Collection of the messier parts of girlhood, parts that could be used in
shameful ways.
Women are active participants and contributors to metal and punk
- The Runaways
o First all girl group to get attention for likingbdige and playing loud music.
o The norms of femininity are not reserved, loud or dominant, and the style is
associated with the opposite resistance, subversive, dominant etc.
- Women and Noise
o Dick Hebdige (1979): subculture seen as “noise” in systems of normative
o Helen Reddington (2007):
Identification of sub-cultural noise and music as associated with
‘maleness’ which creates barriers in women’s expression and
participation in noise making.
- Negotiating in underground music subcultures:
o Strategies:
Appropriating aggression,
Parodying normative femininity
Performing androgyny and asexuality
o Aggression: hyper-aggression to outdo the boys, masculinity.
Men exemplify this through attitude, fashion, music, sexuality
Women of metal/punk: dressed in bondage gear, partially
nude, resisting the ‘good girl’ stereotype
Female aggression is both a way of fighting back and earning
o Femininity: parodying gender and sexual norms.
Parodying common ideas about femininity and female sexuality
Mocking gender and sexuality norms
Performances had destabilizing effect on what people thought
they should expect from females.
o Androgyny and asexuality
Gender bending style, childlike asexuality
The ambiguity subversion of male aggression
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