WOMENST 1A03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Imagined Communities, Individual And Group Rights, Male Privilege

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WOMEN ST 1A03 - Feb 3/2016 - Legacies of Colonization
Colonialism & its Legacies
End of 19th, early 20th century
Almost every country was aected by colonialism
Changed/erected physical borders
Altered local governing structures
Completely reorganized economies
Demanded reorganization of family structures
Mandated certain types of family/birth policies
Altered childhood education
Colonial Legacies & Women
Eects of colonialism are gendered
Women's lives dominate private sphere but are vulnerable to
policies/mandates in the public sphere
Contribute to the structural manifestations of white and male privilege; to the
exoticization and de-humanization of certain types of bodies and to the
criminalization of certain customs and traditions
The results of this legacy are borne dierently by men and women
Colonial Legacy & Tourism - Enloe Reading
Women as travellers AND women as workers in the tourism industry are often
involved in tourism in ways that serve to entrench patriarchy in their homes
or in their nation state
oPackage group travellers who need guidance and protection
oRepresentatives of the leisure class
oDomestic labourers (in hotels, etc.) that allow re-enactment of colonial
oSex workers/sex tourism
Adventure vs. Safety:
Victorian Lady Travellers: Mary Kingsley, Isabella Bird, etc.
oCreated discourse around British Empire; "explained" native customs,
local geography, etc.
oClass and race helped them negotiate "respectability" issue
Package trip tourists & Thomas Cooke
oAgain, seeing the Empire, "owning" the Empire
oGuarding against dangers from "savages" or "natives" or "loss of
oEarly Package Tour: Ireland->Egypt
Feminist Challenge vs. Imperial Consolidation
Victorian lady travellers both disrupted gender norms at 'home' and
strengthened support for the imperial project abroad:
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