WOMENST 1A03 Lecture 10: Lecture Ten (Mar.30.16)

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Lecture Ten
Riot Grrl is….
. Girl collective= zine
Art/ Created Objects as Gendered
. King argues that the objects that surround us- architecture, clothing, at, utilitarian
objects, anything “designed”- are gendered
. We assign value (aesthetic and/or cultural) to objects based upon the gender (real
or expected) of its creator
. Divisions in the art world between “decorative arts” or “craft” and “Fine Art” or
“Design”, where the former is feminine and the latter is masculine
. Women do the soft jobs and are the guinea pigs of the man’s designs and creations
. Ex) Men had an idea where the women would just tap their phone in their
front pockets and it’d work with the screen
. BUT women don’t carry their phones in their front pocket
. “Often a skill is gendered only is so far as, if it is done in the home, it is a feminine
craft, while if it is paid employment outside the home, it is an art for men (This
applies to knitting, dressmaking and cookery, for example”. pg. 275
. Virtuosity professionalism
Where have we seen this binary before?
. With the public and private spheres
. Public
. Discourses of politics, sciences and high culture
. Culture, mind and reason
. Functional, structural, original and form
. Private
. Discourses of home, domesticity and love
. Nature, body and emotion
. Decorative, ornamental, imitative and colour
Anti- establishment cultural production
. Zines are one potential example of this
. Peak of zines was in the 1990’s and early 2000’s i.e. pre- Internet ubiquity
. Fan culture (sci-fi in the 1930’s, punch in the 70’s and riot grrl in the 90’s)
. Zobl writes about the mechanics of zines (who makes them, how and why), as well
as the potential power for social change represented by zines (what can a for us like
a zine actually DO to change the world?”
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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