BIOL 0130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 45: Follicular Phase, Fetus, Glycogen

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Endocrine System:
The endocrine system consists of GLANDS & HORMONES:
Organs that produce secretion for use in other parts of the body.
There are two types of glands: endocrine & exocrine.
Endocrine glands have no ducts. They secrete their hormones into tissue fluid. Then the
hormones diffuse into the blood stream for distribution throughout the body.
Exocrine secrete their products into ducts. They secrete the hormones directly into the
blood stream.
Hormones are chemicals that affect the behavior of other glands or tissues, which can
be located far away from the sites of hormone production.
Hormones help maintain homeostasis by influencing cellular metabolism as well as the
growth and development of body parts.
Tropic Hormones: Affect/target other endocrine glands
Non-Tropic: Directly stimulate cells
Gland &
General Notes
Hormone Released
Target Cells What the Hormone
Other Information
(such as
conditions, etc.)
(Regulation and
coordination of
tropic hormones
and endocrine)
Gonadotropic releasing
hormone (Tropic)
Oxytocin and ADH
(Non Tropic)
Pituitary Stimulates the release
of gonadotropins.
Pineal Gland Melatonin (Tropic) Hypothalamus Sets biorhythms;
promotes sleep.
↑light = ↓ melatonin
↓light = ↑ melatonin
S.A.D (Seasonal
Affective Disorder)
Posterior Pituitary
(Pituitary gland is
divided into
posterior and
interior and is
known as the
master gland)
ADH (Non Tropic) Kidneys Reabsorb water into
the body
↑ADH = ↓ urine
↓ADH = ↑ urine
(alcohol and
Oxytocin (Non Tropic) Uterus and
contractions of uterus
and release of milk
Anterior Pituitary Growth Hormone
(Non Tropic)
Body cells
bone and
Too much GH
Too little GH=
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find more resources at
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