BIOL 1220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Stanislavski'S System, Blood Sugar, Lymphatic System

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Sept 12, 2016
BIO 1220-Anatomy and Physiology
Margot William-B342 (email for office hrs) 440-5983
B 139 (models, study hall)
Biology 1220 Virtual Lab Models
Digital images of Biology 1220 lab models are available at:
This site is only for students registered in BIOL 1220, and is password protected. Please
use the following login information to access this site:
Username: access
Password: 20virtmod
Correct spelling counts:
Example: Ilium-hip bone
Test layout:
25 multiple choice
Short answer, labeling
Bio essay (1 page)
Pre-lecture reading quizzes-must be done on due date, prior to lecture
Chapter 1:
Anatomy (to cut open)- study of the body parts and their relationship to one another
Physiology: how the body parts work and how they sustain life
Gross/macroscopic anatomy -is the study of the large body structures that are visible
(heart, lungs, kidneys)
Regional anatomy (muscles, bones, blood vessels etc)- study one part of the body
Systemic anatomy -body structure is studied system by system (cardiovascular
system=heart, blood vessels)
Surface anatomy -studying the bulging muscles beneath a body builders skin, or nurse
searching for blood vessels to draw blood
Microscopic anatomy -examining slices of body tissue under a microscope (cytology-study
of cells, histology-study of tissue)
Embryology - developmental changes that occur before birth
Name and define in order of increasing complexity the levels of organization that
make up the human body.
Chemical level-atoms-molecules-H2O & protein
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