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Lecture 9

CLAS 1111 Lecture 9: Chapter 10

3 Pages
Winter 2016

Course Code
CLAS 1111
Michael A.Pollock

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Nervous System
brainspinal cord
 
0"1"1%i"!+"5 

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Chapter 10 Nervous System TERMINOLOGY 2 major divisions: -Central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord -Peripheral nervous system consists of nerves outside the brain and spinal cord -Neuron: individual nerve cell consists of… Axon: covered by myelin shealth. Carries nerve impulses along a nerve cell. Cell body: also known as soma, contains cell nucleus Branching Fibers: also known as dendrite. It’s the first part to receive nervous impulses. -Synapse: space through which a nervous impulse travels between nerve cell. -Nerve: bundles of dendrites and axons that travel together like strands of rope -Afferent cells: carry messages towards the CNS (brain and spinal cord). Also know as sensory nerve. ACS -Efferent nerve: carry messages away from the CNS (brain and spinal cord). Also know as motor nerve. ECM -ganglion: large network of nerves in the peripheral nervous system -glial cell: nerve glue. Also know as neuroglial cell. COMBINING FORMS Cerebell/o: cerebellum cerebr/o: cerebrum (posterior part of the brain that coordinates muscle movements and maintains balance) Dur/o:dura mater Encephal/o: brain Gli/o: glial cells Lept/o: thin, slender Mening/o meningi/o: membranes, meninges. Singular=meninx My/o: muscle Myel/o: spinal cord (myelin) Neur/o: nerve Pont/o: pons (bridge connecting various parts of the brain. Anterior to the cerebellum and between the medulla and the rest of the midbrain) Radicul/o: nerve root Thalam/o: thalamus Thec/o: sheath Vag/o: vagus nerve Meninges layer around brain Dur/o: dura mater (outermost)- very think and tough Arach
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