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Chapter 8 COMP

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Fall 2015

Computer Science
Course Code
COMP 1103
Terri Lorraine Tibbel- Mosher

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 
 
 
& 
/+/-012 )
& )
#" &
5)& 6&
 8) 
 
 
4  
/: &%&/;(:%:)
. 
./ 
 

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Chapter 8 Digitization: about the social and individual implications and impacts of technology Digital Convergence: the use of a single device to handle, Internet, entertainment, and telephony needs ex. Smartphone Standardization of protocols and hardware: e.g. IEEE or Bluetooth technology Telephony: using equipment to provide voice communications over a distance, originally analog, now digital Cell: a geographic area centered around a base transceiver station, coordinated by mobile switching center Analogtodigital converter chip: converts voice into digital signals Digital signal processor: compresses the signal Digital data is transmitted as a radio wave When you receive a call: Digital signal processor on destination phone decompresses incoming message Amplifier boots signal and it is passed on to the speaker Smartphone Input devices: microphone, touch pad Smartphone Output devices: speaker, liquid crystal display (LCD) or OLED Ram: memory stores information and programs OS: located in ROM Secondary storage: SD cards Synchronizing: the process of updating your data so your todo lists, schedules and other files on your cell phone and computer are the same Short Message Service (SMS): up 160 characters of text transmitted over cell phone network Multimedia Message Service (MMS): message that may include text, sound, images and video Tethering: using cellphone connection to link computer to Internet Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Internet based, sends phone calls via the technology similar to email, low cost ex. Skype Tablets: light, portable, screen size, Bluetooth, software applications, long battery life, touch screen interfaces, processors, OS Ultrabooks: fullfeatured computers, very thin, light weight, dont have optical drives SSD drives instead, full size computer, expensive Netbooks: a computer running a full traditional OS, keyboard, inexpensive, but little processing power, storage, memory, difficult to run many kinds of software Any kind of information can be digitized, broken into bits, digital information can be reproduced exactly, distributed easily, and both these reasons give digital huge advantages over an analog format Electronic Text (etext): textual information captured digitally so that it can be stored, manipulated, and transmitted by electronic devices EReaders: devices that can display etext and have supporting tools, like note taking, highlighting, bookmarks, and integrated dictionaries Electronic Ink: very crisp grayscale, screens reflect the light that shines on pages, much easier to read in sunlight and less power used Backlit: highresolution screens illuminate themselves, the glass reflects glare, hard to use in sunlight and lots more power used ePub: most widely supported, runs even on browsers, open digital format Digital Music: Singer playing music analog wave ADC Mp3 file DAC Speaker Sampling Rates: the number of times the analog wave is measured per second, the higher the rate the better the quality but the larger the file size Compression: higher compression means poorer quality but ability to store more Ripping: copying audio content to a secondary storage device, typically from removable media such as compact disc (CD OR DVD) Digital Rights Management: a system of access control that allows only limited use of material thats been legally purchased. It might be that the song can only run on certain devices or a movie can only be viewed a certain number of times
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