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Lecture 11

CRJS 2015 Lecture 11: Lecture Eleven Research Methods April 3rd

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Mount Royal University
Criminal Justice
CRJS 2015
Dawn Rault

Lecture Eleven Research Methods April 3rd Presentation Overview Wellness services o Student counselling services 8 registered psychologists on campus o optimal therapies rehab clinic, chiropractors, massage therapies, acupuncture o health services doctors, dentists o health campus inform face of wellness NCHA (national college health assessment) o Anything to do with health o Why? Need student health data Statistically reliable 25 students respond Benchmark data sets available Convenience Standard questions with options to add customized questions and pull additional data reports o When do we implement the NCHA JAN 2006, Survey Design Change 2008 (cant compare from previous year), 2010, 2013, 2016 Jan26th Feb 16 What do you think? Within the last 30 days, how many times have you had sex, drank etc Behavior might be different at this time! o How hard can it be? Additional questions (septnov) sent to ACHA for programming at least three weeks before launch date along with email subject lines and approved email content Finalize survey dates and incentives, create marketing material and promotion plan (Oct. Nov) HREB Approval (novjan) ITmake sure it doesnt get caught in spam blocker (Dec.) Office of institutional analysis and planningpull randomly selected student email addresses 3984 randomly selected full time students send addresses to ACHA and HREB ethics clearnence letter o How do you get people to fill out survey? Offer money or other incentives Presurvey from David Docherty Coordinate and cross promoted with other surveys Outreach events (suckers, chocolate) Tray lines in wyckham
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