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Lecture 8

CRJS 3011 Lecture 8: Criminal Law Lecture 8 March 13th 2017

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Mount Royal University
Criminal Justice
CRJS 3011
Doug King

Criminal Law Lecture 8 March 13th 2017 Murder: manslaughter, infanticide, manslaughter, crim negligence Homicideinfanticide and manslaughter Murder: 1 Life life sentence No chance of parole for 25 years nd 2 Life life sentence No chance of parole 10 yearsnot more than 25 years Infanticide: Indictable only no more than 5 years The least morally blameworthy offense within all of the murder offenses Manslaughter: Indictable only no minimum, up to life Crim NegligenceDeath: if someone dies and a firearm is involved, we have a minimum sentence of four years self defensenon culpable homicide One same difference distinguishing manslaughter from criminal negligence death, other wise they are the same offense Homicide relates to the notion of causing death culpable homicide (CRIMINAL homicide) o carries with it the moral blameworthiness, the stuff that is outlawed in the criminal code of canada 2 Categories Murder: intentional taking of someones life Manslaughter: Person didnt set out to take the persons life (specific intent), the person just did something that ended up causing the death of someone. Ex. You fight with someone and you hit them hard, the fall and crack their head open on the concrete and die, you didnt intend to kill them but the consequences of your action caused their death. An assault that ends up causing someones death Criminal negligence causing death: Infanticide: post partum depression nonculpable homicide o causing the death without any criminal liability 2 Categories Justifiable homicide: justified in law, in the line of duty, use of force etc. self defense, defense of property, defense of other
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