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Lecture 4

PSYC 2265 Lecture 4: PSYC 2265 – Lecture 4 – Perception

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PSYC 2265
Dave Cann

PSYC 2265 – Lecture 4 – Perception Perception • Perception is the process of recognizing, organizing, and interpreting information from the senses • Our perception is not an exact copy of "the real world" • It is based on our past experiences and expectations The Complexity of Perception • Bottom-up processing o Perception may start with the senses o Involves incoming raw data from the environment o Energy is registered on sensory receptors • Top-down processing o Perception may start with the brain o Involves the person's knowledge, experience, and expectations Approaches to Understand Perception • Direct perception theories o This is bottom-up processing o Perception comes from stimuli in the environment o Parts are identified and put together, and then recognition occurs • Constructive perception theories o This is top-down processing o People actively construct perceptions using information based on prior experience and expectations o Top-down processing involves making inferences based on context, guessing from experience, and basing one perception on another o This occurs quickly, almost automatically T
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