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Lecture 10

PSYC 2265 Lecture 10: PSYC 2265 – Lecture 10 – Attention and Action Slips (Part 3)

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PSYC 2265
Dave Cann

PSYC 2265 – Lecture 10 – Attention and Action Slips (Part 3) Attention and Visual Perception • Inattentional blindness: a stimulus that is not attended is not perceived, even though a person might be looking directly at it • Change blindness: if shown two versions of a picture, differences between them are not immediately apparent o Task to identify differences requires concentrated attention and searching Inattentional Blindness • Simons and Chabris (1999) o Subjects watched and attended to a video o Over one-half failed to notice a bizarre event • Strayer & Drews (2007) o Examined the impact of hands free cell phone conversations on simulated driving ➢ Cell-phone conversation led to inattentional-blindness ➢ Even if they looked at an object, participants did not remember the object Automaticity • Many daily tasks require no attention at all o These tasks involve automatic processing o E.g. driving a car or any well practiced activity • Three features of automatic processes (Posner & Snyder, 1975) o They occur without intention o Automatic processes are not open to conscious awareness o They do not require much in terms of mental resources • The cost of automaticity o Absentmindness (action slips)
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