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Fiona Black

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Medicine  nomos- customs that morph into laws  phusis- natural law; the way the world (or a person, or Nature) works  exis- the way something is, a state, but not an innate quality  medical authors trying to find how the world works; individual natures  1. There exists men and women.  2. Men are hot and dry and have their genitals on the outside; women are wet and cold and have their genitals on the inside o women are "wet" because of their ability to breastfeed and menstruate- shows they have self-regulatory system o if men are dry, there must be a heat inside them which is evaporating their wetness, therefore men are hot o if men are hot, and unlike women, women must be cold o liquids are ultimate cause of disease- there is something wrong with the female body, that it must purge itself- women should expel as much liquid as possible  cures include bloodletting, diuretics, purging (vomiting)  gynaekeia- women's problems are located in their genitalia; specifically in the uterus (hysteron "the thing down there")- "ia"- diseases; hysteria is a disease by nature of their uterus o treatment for hysteria= intercourse, would wet the uterus (pg 349 WCW- hysteria in virgins)  what helps the patient vs what supports presuppositions of the dominant society o pregnancy- pg 348 WCW- explains problems with miscarriages, high frequency during 7th
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