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Women in Antiquity 4.docx

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Fiona Black

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Athenian Drama  features of drama o in Athenian drama, both tragedy and comedy o theatrical performance in Athens o don't know whether women were allowed to see plays or not o tragedy  wide treatment of women, problematizing things, regardless of treatment, still reaffirming Athenian values  ostensibly religious event, biggest was City Dionysia (worship of Dionysus)  started in Athens, extended outwards  during festival, each poet would present 4 works (1 day of performance = 3 tragedies + 1 satyr play [lighter story, only one complete text remaing, Euripides "Cyclops", not consider to be as intrinsically meaningful])  people would talk about the plays for a long time after  4th-5th cent BCE- entering a literate stage, but still majority of communication was aural  judged, at the end of the festival (poet wanted to win, so he wrote something that would appeal both to the audience and the judges)- consider when determining attitudes of poets towards women  dealt with big questions- religion, science, morals, ethics, universe, women- all centered around men- problematized life  words used in plays were not used in common life in Athens- sometimes sung, always in meter, usually used more archaic dialect- transposed problems of Athenian society to another time and place (ie. like zombie movies today)  don't really know who the women in tragedies are supposed to be- Athenian women? Archaic women? Fantastical women?  dichotomy between "good" and "bad" women  Eubulus: good- Alcestis, Penelope; bad- Medea, Clytemnestra  Sophocles o Antigone (with Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, part of the Theban cycle)  Oedipus's daughter, takes care of Oedipus, who dies making amends  upon his death bed, Oedipus curses his two sons, Polynices and Eteocles (currently ruling Thebes) because they did not take care of him, wants them to die  Jocasta's brother Creon (name means "power") takes over  the brothers d
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