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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

Athenian Comedy Conclusion  Aristophanes o Lysistrata- 411 BCE (name literally means army-disbander) o Thesmophoriazousae- 411 BCE ("The Women at the Thesmophoria")- festival for Demeter and Persephone  comedy- carnivalization- acting out things that would not be regularly acceptable, allows for catharsis, throw away conventions of Athenian society  chorus- connection, representation of Athens  parabasis- a voice coming directly from the playwright, a moment to educate the audience, a political platform  all comedy ends in komos (revelry) or gamos (marriage) or sometimes both  Ecclesiazousae ("The Assembly Women") by Aristophanes, 382 BCE o ekklesia=government body in which citizens go to take part in political matters o Athens has changed a great deal since Lysistrata and Thesmophoriazousae 30 years ago o problems with democracy- Aristophanes sees that the right decisions are not being made, asks "what if instead of men ruling Athens, the women ruled instead?" o Praxagora (name means "active in the marketplace, busybody"), husband's name is Blephyros (name means "blinky") o Praxagora asks what if women overthrew the ekklesia, how do we do that? answer: women dress up as men in order to be funny, get into ekklesia o women dressed as men go to the ekklesia, called thin and pale, must be cobblers o Blephyros realizes Praxagora has taken his clothes, he has to wear her clothes and wander the streets looking for her o people were apathetic about being part of the ekklesia o cobblers not out of place in ekklesia (contrast to Plato's belief that a good ruler/decision maker must have a great education) o because of all the women turning out, their motion to
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