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CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

Weddings in Athens  very little information about wedding practices themselves  descriptions seem to be entirely focused on the woman's experience  function in Athenian society: transfer of woman from one oikos (household) into the other o bride being lent to another oikos by her father o as an exchange of property  no single moment of union ("I do"), process may take years, some speculate it is not until first legitimate child is born that they are "husband and wife"  1. engue- promise of the transfer of dowry  father arranges marriage of a young girl, early in her life, typically for political reasons, gifting daughter to another household o if father is particularly concerned about splitting up too much of his wealth in a dowry, he may consider a relative such as a cousin, in order to keep wealth in the broader family  young women (and men) would not have any say in these preceedings (later comic plays describe man falling in love with woman, transcending political fusion between homes)  discussions about why dowry exists: more young women than eligible young men, essentially "buying" the best husband for your daughter  2. apatouria- groom introduce bride to his phratry (similar to fraternity), his circle of male friends (a legitimizing process), the phratry gives their "okay" on the bride, one of the criteria being that she is an Athenian citizen (a sacrifice occurred, reading entrails of an animal as tarot)  3. gamos- marriage o bride meets friends (like bridal party), bride is early in puberty, meeting with friends helps the transition o ritual bathing, cutt
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