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CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

Etruscan Women (circa 1200-396 BCE)  traces remained until at least 1st century BCE  Greek inspired works, votive offerings, gold teeth  death o accumulated a lot of wealth through trading with Mediterranean, Greece, Northern Africa o Greek culture affecting Etruscan culture- synthesis of culture o liberties for women- fairly high literacy in women, no real narrative from Etruscan people o women, in addition to literacy, were outside more, dined with husband, in public, led to a lot of confusion with Greek people- "these people don't have any bonds of marriage that we can see" o womens tombs are just as ornate as male tombs, but decorating differs- vases and perfume vs swords and shields o may have come from contact with Egyptians o beautiful sarcophagi, depict husband and wife together on tomb o almond eyes vs naturalized eyes o Sarcophagus of Seianti Hanunia Tlesana- woman only, strong Greek influences, she has a veil over her head (worn outside) suggests mobility of Etruscan women, holding a mirror, name actually put on tomb (contrast to Greek practices that a woman should not be mentioned/named), skeletal remains suggest she rode a horse frequently  early inhabitants of Italy  women appear to have had comparatively greater freedom than Greek or Roman women  mineral resources and active trade led to accumulation of wealth  had a writing system but left no narrative writings; from inscriptions on mirrors, it appears that there was a high level of literacy among women  wives dined with husbands at parties  women were active out
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