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Women in Antiquity 17.docx

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CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

Late Roman Republic  Roman Religion and Women o who your family worships is more important than who your gender worships o Vestal Virgins  key role- keeping the hearth of Rome flame burning  government/religious bodies' duty was to have the most pristine women  to start the flame, had to rub sacred sticks together  selected between ages 6-10- choose to send your daughter to be examined- body must be free of any blemishes, no sign of disability (signifies some sort of corruption)- similar to examination of sacrificial animals- once determine who is pure, selection process is by lots  in service for 30 years before mandatory retirement  spent 10 years training, 10 years practicing, and 10 years training others  once released from service, they were free to marry and live as they wished- option of writing your own will without needing an intercessor, in courts of law  only way to get kicked out was to engage in "unchaste behaviour"- punishment was being essentially buried alive  also attended festivals, prepared a sort of bread that was used in all sacrifices  The End of the Republic; the Start of the Empire o
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