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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 10.docx

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CLAS 2051
Fiona Black

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Development of Christianity  Brown article on Paul- "fateful theological abbreviation" o Romans 7:18- confluct with physical body- "nothing good dwells in me, within my flesh"  trying to elevate life of the spirit- waiting for Jesus o opposition between spirit and flesh- early church denial of the body in elevation of the spirit o not asceticism- simply sees the body as an inconvenience o concenred with human will (earthly pleasure) vs. divine will (preparation for Jesus' return)  Early Church Fathers o Tertullian (150-225 CE)  known for his misogyny- "women are the devil's gateway"- because of Eve's role in the fall of man  believed original sin was transmitted through sex  women condemn God's image (man)  the physicality of God's creation= woman the spirituality of God's creation= man  propensity of women to adorn themselves- causing God's true image (man) to fall o Augustine (354-430 CE)  personal sense of inner struggle between spirit and body  carnal life distracting from God  doctrine of original sin- transmitted through concupiscence (lust)  men and women transmit the sin equally (even sometimes more men because then transport life (sin) through sperm)  women reduced to sexual functions; men can rise above their sexual functions  ideas of the body and spirit in Genesis o "male and female he created them"- all human beings were made in equal parts of God's true nature (Judaism) o Christianity- God's spiritual image  Christianity working with Greek ideologies (Plato) o neo-Platonism mirrors human exi
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