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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Religion and Archaeology  religion- from the Latin religio meaning "to bind" o a relationship between the devotee and the object of religious devotion o binds the human to the divine, as well as believers together o 3 Dimensions: 1. Intellectual- thinking about origins, purpose/meaning, destiny (afterlife), the human nature, the nature of God/the Ultimate Reality 2. Emotional- a way of feeling- guilt from sin, relief from prayer, joy from worship 3. Physical- a way of behaving, a social system, spiritual practices (meditation, prayer), physical forms (ritual objects, art), communal celebrations, social regulations (morals and ethics), institutions (organizations, communities- hierarchies involving obedience, discipline, with leaders [priests] and followers [laity])  archaeology- from the Greek archaios meaning "ancient" and logos meaning "discourse" o reconstructs past civilizations from material evidence o study of past cultures (archaeologists=past cultures; anthropologists=current cultures) o cultural anthropology can participate in activities, observe behaviour o archaeologists can only look at traces of human evidence, and make inferences from these traces o link is the assumption that present human behaviour can serve as an analogue to understanding past human behaviour Archaeology of the Mind- Cognitive Archaeology and Archeology of Religion  recent discipline- branch of cognitive archaeology, introduced by British  cognitive archaeology- the study of those aspects of ancient culture that are the product of the mind: the perception, description and classification of the universe, the study of past ways of thought from material evidence  Theory and Method: o human species are different from other life forms in our ability to use symbols o all inte
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