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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Overview of Greek Geography and History  Greece is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea  influenced by Egypt, Mesopotamia  Landscape and Climate: o Greece is a peninsula, includes a number of islands forming a sort of bridge to other civilizations o varying climate o individualism- prominence of mountain ranges, difficulty of land travel led to separation of different cities o Greeks traveled the sea to colonize the west coast of modern Turkey- some sites are located here; also traveled west to the Italian peninsula, Southern Italy, the Island of Siscily  Greek History o Bronze Age (3000-1110 BCE)- people made use of bronze (most widespread metal); second millenium: the Minoan and Mycenean civilizations:  Minoan Civilization  lived in Crete, south of Greek mainland, thoroughly developed NON GREEK civilization  connected closely to Egypt, influence by Egyptian culture  Crete as the cradle of developed civilization  when the Greeks came in contact with the Minoans, they recognized the superiority of the civilization, and adopted some of their traditions and beliefs  Minoans settled all over Crete, but specifically in Knosos  built massive complexes known as palaces, where the ruler and his employees lived, economic, political activities, also religious shrines  Mycenaean Civilization  people who lived in mainland Greece and acquired skills and tools individually, giving them the opportunity to come in contact with the East and the Minoans, conquering Crete  Homer refers to "Mycenaeans" in the Illiad, a text from about the same time
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