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CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Pantheon  original structure was constructed between 27 and 25 BCE  aftermath of the battle of Actium 31 BCE  location was built on the site where the founder of Rome, Romulus, was seized by eagles and taken to the sky with the god  It is located in Rome, Italy  built during the Roman Empire  it was influenced by the Etruscnas and the Greeks  first temple intended for public use  layout divided into three sections: pronaos, circular domed rotunda, connection between the two  16 columns, 14 m high each, made of grey granite imported from Egypt, which were dragged in wooden sledges and then floated down the Nile to Alexandria, and then put on vessels for a trip across the Mediterranean  bronze taken from the roof for use in papal canons  interior design: marble floor, 6 tombs, walls are now bare, meant to feel overwhelming, curvature of the dome brights your eyes upward to the Oculus  a recent theory is that the Odulus acts as a giant sundial-illuminated the doorway on special occassions like the equinox (alternatively, to let light in, to allow smoke out, a heliocentric view of the cosmos, a possible planetarium  the structure of the dome is why it remains standing today- concrete strength, concentric stepped rings near the base of the dome (giant reinforcement hoops reducing stress on the base), concrete was heavi
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