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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Sanctuary of Fortuna at Palaestra  Geographical and Historical Context o located at Palestrina o located in the Apennines mountain range o mountain made it hard to attack, provided the necessities to make it a cult place (boundaries, focus of attention) o founded in 7th to 8th century by Ulysses o besieged by Sulla and once SUlla won the town was moved to lower level and shrine returned to former glory o Augustus, Tiberius and Hadrian made offerings to Fortuna to secure their fates and that of their heirs  The Goddess Fortuna o goddess of fertility, also associated with fate (Isis, the Egyptian fertility goddess) o her most common symbol is the Wheel of Fortune, and other circular motifs (circular nature of life), other symbols of the harvest o remained popular with Christians through the middle ages o also portrayed as Annonaria (fortune to the harvest), eyc o this temple is dedicated specifically to Fortuuna Primigenia which means "first born o she is frequently depicted as a matron, a respectable woman with children o anyone could worship, but usually mother praying for their children  Ritual Practice at Palestrina o an oracle was located at the site, and was consulted until Christian times when Emperor Theodosius closed the temple in 3rd century CE o festivals were held in spring and fall  The Sanctuary o has two distinct terraces, one is the site of a more ancient shrine, and one is the remains of a larger monument built to the goddess during the time of Sulla o lower terrace has two caves hewn from the hillside, and is more prestigious and important temple; were an important shrine at which the patrons of Fortuna would come to make offerings to the goddess to seek her favor o the two caves appear to be connected by a tunnel o the upper terrace is a massive temple structure in the more comm
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