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PHYS1041 Notes Week 1

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PHYS 1041
Dr.David Fleming

Physics 1041 January 6th 2014 Significant Figures Multiplication and Division The result of multiplication and division must contain the amount of significant figures equal to the lesser amount of sig. figs. of the measured values. 2 Example: (3.25689 m) × (3.243 m) = 10 .56 m (6 sig figs) (4 sig figs) Therefore the answer must contain 4 sig figs, the lesser amount of sig figs of the measured values. Addition and Subtraction The result of subtraction and division must contain the amount of decimal places equal to the lesser amount of decimal places of the measured values (also referred to as the lesser precision). (3.25689 m) − (3.243 m) = 0.014 m Example: (precise to 5 decimal places) (precise to 3 decimal places) Therefore the answer must be precise to 3 decimal places, the lesser precision of the measured values. Unit Conversions Helpful conversions can be found in Appendix C of the textbook (page A-11) To convert between units, multiply the measured value by a factor that is equal to 1. The numerator will be a value in the unit you wish to convert to, that is equal to the denominator which will be in the unit your measured value is currently in. Example: Converting 125km/h to S
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