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Lecture 3

PHYS1041 Notes Week 3

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PHYS 1041
Dr.David Fleming

Physics 1041 Notes January 20th Forces • scalar quantity: possesses only magnitude (ex. temperature, mass) • vector quantity: possesses both magnitude and direction (ex. velocity, force) F= force m= mass 2 g= force of gravity, equal to 9.81m/s are related by the equation F = mg Vectors A vector r can be broken into its horizontal distance, r axd its vertical distance, r .y Trigonometry can be used to solve for these components. Unit Vectors • have a magnitude of 1 with no units • along the x-axis: i • along the y-axis: j • along the z-axis: k Forces (cont'd) • Force is a vector quantity. • Normal Force (F ) norks at a right angle to surfaces in contact with an object possessing gravitational force (F g • When two forces are equal and opposite, we say they are in equilibrium and there is no motion F net= F g F n F net= ma (Newton's 2nd Law) Frictional Force • μ represents the coefficient of frictional force • static frictional force applies when object is immobile F fstaticμ statin F = μ F • kinetic frictional force applies when object is in motion fkinetic kinetin • gravitational force, normal force, frictional force and applied force can all act on a free body January 22nd Vectors • tail= where vector starts • head= where vector ends • to add vectors, join the head of 1st vector to tail of 2nd vectors • the resultin
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