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PHYS1041 Week 7

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PHYS 1041
Dr.David Fleming

Physics 1041 Notes March 17th Electric Charge: • electric charge: property of electrons and protons • positive attracts negative • positive repulses positive • negative repulses negative • S.I. unit for electric charge is a Coulomb, abbreviated C -19 • 1 electron charge: -1.60 x 10 C • 1 proton charge: +1.60 x 10 C19 • strength of an electrical force affected by the charge and distance from the charge To consider the force that a charge 1 (1 ) exerts on charge 2 2q ) : ^ kq1 2 F 12 2 r r where k is a constant, equal to 9.0 x 10 Nm /C2 and r is the distance between the charges and r(hat) indicates the direction only (has no numerical value) Supposition Principle: • if there are more than one charge exerting a force on another charge, we consider the net force • example: if there are 3 charges and we want to consider all electric force being exerted on charge 3, we take the sum of the electric force charge 1 exerts on charge 3, and the electric force charge 2 exerts on charge 3 F = F + F • net 13 23 March 19th Electric Field: • electric field: electric force per unit charge • when E= electric field • when F = electric force • when q= unit charge F • then E = q for a given charge placed in the electric field Voltage: • electric potential difference • consider electric energy per unit charge • F = Eqr • energy gained: U ABen moving from position A to position B • potential difference: difference in electrical energy between position A and B, per unit charge ΔU AB • = ΔV AB = E × Δr holds true when electric field is constant in a certain q region kq 1 • V AB = rB • electric field is equal to the negative of the rate of change of voltage with respect to distance − Δv • E = Δx March 21st Electrocardiogram (ECG): • skin surface
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