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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 3.docx

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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Greek Sexuality  not private or personal- sex was hierarchical, political, and socially formulated  private sexuality was reserved for high-standing free born males and their wives for the purpose of reproduction  sexuality was open to the scrutiny of the public  highly stratified society- slaves were owned and could be used sexually  Halpern article- penetrator/penetrated- POWER o expected of top echelon of men to be the penetrator, everyone else was the penetrated o superior vs. inferior; active vs. passive o social stigma comes from violation of this hierarchical dichotomy (ie. a man of power being penetrated) o sex is about expressions of power  variety of sexual activity- many different types of relationships o pederasty- "boy love"- freeborn high-standing boys are "initiated" into sexual sphere through mentorship and teaching  focus on courtship over consummation, the development of patience  dispute in scholarship over whether consummation actually ever occurred  some sexual relationship at the end of the courtship- perhaps a heterosexual experience with a prostitute at a party o not necessarily homo/bisexual- homosexual relationships would be expressions of power  cultural emphasis on honour/shame- shameful for a man to be penetrated o huge impact on how female sexuality is executed- she must bring honour on her father's household  desire w
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