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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 4.docx

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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Manning and Zuckerberg Reading  religions as either sex-positive or sex-negative  observation that sexuality is holistic and connects with religion OR that sex and religion are in conflict  mechanisms regulating sexuality- shame and guilt  why does sex need to be regulated? o control female sexuality (which may be magical, powerful, in competition with patriarchal religions- suggests that matriarchal religions are more sex-positive) o body in its materiality cannot cope with abstract ideas of eternity, spirit, divine- privilege the spirit, deny the body o controlling genealogy- regulating who belongs to the tradition o The God Virus- The Atheist Experience  guilt from not having the right kind of sex  have to learn guilt- masturbation- why prohibit something that is going to happen no matter what  can religious communities capitalize on the human condition of guilt?- the possibility of non-spiritual agenda  religion as a useful framework for regulation The Body  division between two sides of human experience- masculine and feminine  Platonic thought says that androgyny is the highest form o
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