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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Halpern's History of Sexuality  very short history, even though we have always been sexual beings, we have only recently become interested in our own sexuality  sex= somatic, a fact, a happening  sexuality= language, discourse o Foucault- power and knowledge form sexuality o power and knowledge are intrinsic to sexuality o contemporary theorists probably disagree- everything involved in the sex act requires socialization  ie. missionary position- straight, ordinary, cannot be divorced from meaning o always requires a descriptor o no baseline, normative- reproductive is not better than non-reproductive o sex/gender distinction- socialization  ie. menstruation- not all adult females menstruate o look back at ancient sexual practices- sexuality is a newer concept:  autonomy of sexuality- as a separate sphere  vs. sexual hierarchy of penetration vs penetrated, which was wrapped up in everything else- economics, politics  individualism  vs. p
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