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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Recap Last Week's Tutorial: Tattooing and Circumcision  both permanent, painful ways of expressing adoration  community bonding- also found in gangs, military  circumcision in Judaism is exclusive to males, tattooing is male dominated, but open to women  circumcision is involuntary; tattooing is voluntary- issues of intent  circumcision has a long Jewish history- tattoos are a trend- there i no universal tattoo that religious people MUST get  interpretations of the Bible- tattooing is dismissed and denegrated in some verses, and permitted in others Circumcision in Judaism  treatment of the body moves in 2 directions: 1. circumcision o sign of obedience, of the covenant, presented in the text as a fact o ultimate devotion o why not take on a more visible sign o gender hegemony- removal of the "female" part of the body" o God's participation in sexuality- patriarchal logic- inscribe the sign on the reproductive organ o women were not seen as equal in sexual roles- the penis alone was responsible for procreation o anti-circumcision lobbies- how it is performed and when? gender equality? ritualistic circumcision? o men as the only members of the covenant needing the reminder of physical marking 2. purity laws o laws regarding sexuality, eating, women- continue to establish chosenness, holiness o family purity- only niddah remains o holiness=separation (from other Jews at certain times, from other peoples) o food laws become more intense after the fall of the temple (without the sacrficial altar in the temple, food sacrifice to God is on the dinner table)  Kosher laws (Kasrut)  no animals with cloven hooves who
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