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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Catholic Teachings on Procreation  all of Christianity had a knee-jerk reaction to the sexual revolution- the Pill leads to immoral sex o after- two divergent paths: Catholic/fundamentalist Christianity and Liberal Christianity  recall: Catholicism has an easily accessible governing body to find teachings; because of so many protestant denominations, it is harder to determine universal teachings  Humanae Vitae was not technically part of Vatican II  working group of laity, priests, scholars determined contraception to be permissible (ignored)  everything within marriage involved/mimics God- sex mirrors the generative powers of God  sex- replicate what is good- procreation  unique to Catholicism- link with sex and morality o marital, procreative sex is moral, everything else is immoral  Ruether article: damage done to women's lives around sexual freedom by the Church o note connection with Aquinas and Aristotle (natural law)  Aquinas uses Aristotle's views to further subjugate female sexuality/humanity o emphasizes the connection with world politics (Vatican's voice at the UN) o RCC enforcing of sexual morals differs around the world (specifically harms poor women and women in "developing" countries) o mechanism of RCC teaching is to problematize education  most Catholics ignored Humanae Vitae- used contraceptives o church moved onto other topics of sexual morality- abortion and homosexuality o all the mechanisms that worked in older times and less developed areas (imprisonment, excommunication) do not work so effectively in the West  grassroots projects counter these teachings- priests handing out condoms- "pastoral prudence"- recognition that teachings do not always fit all situations (but pastoral prudence cannot be too common or publicized)  St. Thomas Aquinas- natural law- God's creation is good, purpose of creation is to replenish, reproduce, continue God's goodness  Porcile-Santiso article- Latin American nun/theologian o p. 197 and onward- discussion on sexual morality o p. 213- "
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