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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Introduction to Islam  called a "Western" tradition but largely descended from the East  Qur'an- holy scriptural text; Hadith is also authoritative  Islam is monotheistic and patriarchal  2 main denominations: Sunni and Shia  legal teachings/precepts are called Sharia  Five Pillars of Islam: 1. Confession- Shahadah  profession of faith- Allah as monotheistic God, Muhammad as his human prophet  first thing an infant hears, last thing a dying person hears  "how you become a Muslim"- declare your faith in Islam  "there is no God except Allah"  "Muhammad is his slave"- reinforces that Allah is to be worshipped alone 2. Prayer- Salat  five times a day, men required to go to mosque as much as possible, women are not so encouraged (seen as a distraction)  Fajr- morning prayer  Dhuhr- noon prayer  Asr- afternoon prayer  Magrehb- evening prayer  Isha- night prayer  some prayers are aloud, some are silent  requires ablution (ritual washing) of hands, mouth, nose, ears, forearms, feet before prayer  pray in the direction of Mecca- men and women pray exactly the s
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