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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Women in Islam, continued  generally, Islam is egalitarian, trying to incorporate women in the tradition in a way that respects women's rights to safety and security in marriage, etc  conflict between Islamic culture and the original teachings on women  issues with teaching and interpretation of the Qur'an- how to derive a guide for living out of an esoteric, elevated text... hadith and sunna as supplementary  "Men are in charge of women... good women are the obedient ones... as for those for whom you believe rebellion... admonish her, banish her, scourge her" o similarly problematic texts in the Hebrew Bible o interpretive tradition suggests that "scourging" refers to a metaphorical tradition for discipline o however, if you have a person who wants to beat their wife, the is text which could be said to support it  most of the behaviours we see as problematic come not from the tradition itself, but people or communities who take the "law" into their own hands  1972- Iranian revolution- strip women of their veils- liberate the country- enforced liberalizing- women did not want to take their veils off because they could not go out in public without them o similar parallels to American invasion of Iraq o women's bodies used as rhetoric for ideological gain Marriage and Homosexuality in Islam  the Qur'an says that is you are going to be sexually involved with a woman, you must marry her  marry early, have children  no celibacy, sexual renunciation  sex is a good thing- a gift from God  marriage contract- Nikah- outlines duties and responsibilities of each partner, joining of families- initiated by males  in traditional cultures, if there is a meeting before marriage, it is chaperoned  emphasis on consent- but males give consent on behalf of their female relatives  UN ac
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