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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Language and Images of God  use concepts and experiences that are human projected on the divine  Eilberg-Schwarz article- Biblical images of the divine o bodily imagery of God- "God's mighty right hand" o or no bodily imagery of God  God's gender? - monotheistic God with no female consort cannot have gender  if we did try to create God's body, it would be pieces only- ear, eye, knee, etc  Stroup article- language of scripture privileges men o metaphors and imagery of God is exclusive of the spirituality of women; people who recognize the multiplicity of humanity o God as father- problematic for people with "Daddy Issues" o queer community wants to investigate the bisexuality of Jesus  human beings have always privileged certain characteristics of God over others  racialization of Jesus- whitening- erasure of his racial identity- Western ownership of Christianity- Western hegemony Violence and the Body and Sacrifice  allowed violence has a long history in Western religion- sacrifice  complex systems of sacrifice in the Old Testament- mechanism by which human being connect with God o human relationships w. God vs. covenant- sacrifice corrects problematic human relationships with God o offer sacrifice if you had sinned; to mark important events, as an act of worship, for ritual purity  Nancy Jay- feminist theories of sacrifice o sacrifice is about communion and expiation  communion: creates stable boundaries of the community  expiation: helps integrated
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