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Religious Studies
RELG 1681
Sam Borsman

Orientalism  exoticizing, othering  originally denoted a Western style of art/literature that depicted the East as exotic/other o ie. The Snake Charmer by Jean Leon o often feminized the East and portrayed it as submissive and emotional, in contrast to the West, which was portrayed as strong and masculine (thus legitimizing European colonialism in the sense of a White savior concept, that Easterners were naturally submissive and subservient and could not be left to govern themselves) o the artists and authors of these works often traveled with European explorers, and in turn, subversively supported ideas of Western Colonialism  Orientalism conceives non-Western cultures to be homogenous, and to be frozen in time- in contrast with progressive, secular, liberal, Western ways of thinking  in Orientalism, the East is demonized as being wild, emotional, and submissive, but also exotified o ie. idealized concepts of
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