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Vanessa Oliver

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Social Change, Individualization, Generation and Identity  Social Change: o youth create identities through their interactions with the realities of their time o because these interactions occur at a particular time in history at particular locations, the way this generation of youth view their social reality will be different than older generations o we are seeing a decline in the welfare state; privatisation is becoming more and more common  First Modernity and Strong Welfare State (Post WWII and prior to 1970s)  Second Modernity and Weakened Welfare State (Post 1970s)  Neoliberal logic: o assumes that public goods can be provided better by private companies due to competition o means that goods and services that were once provided for free by the state, now need to be purchased by citizens o "if we just try really hard, we can be whoever we want to be"  many people are born in to poverty, with mental illness, etc; refuting the claim that one just simply has to "try hard enough"  Project of the self o becomes translated into one of possession of desired goods and the pursuit of artificially framed styles of life o appearance replaces essence o ie. a wedding is no longer so much about the ritual as it is about the spectacle (commercialized wedding industry)  Individualization: o process that makes risky social processes and structures invisible and leaves the individual to bear those risks personally- socially, emotionally and financially  ie. obesity- a proble
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