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Mount Allison University
SOCI 2221
Vanessa Oliver

Sexuality and Gender  "At Risk Youth" o young people whose background places them "at risk" of future offending or victimization due to environmental, social, and family conditions that hinder their personal development and successful integration into society and the economy  Labeling Theory o proposes that the self identity and behaviour of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them o associated with concepts of self-fullfilling prophecy and stereotyping  Medicalization o we tend to have a lot of data on "at risk" youth having sex, perpetuating the effects of labeling theory o if we have no data on other youth, how do we know they aren't having sex too? o oral sex is becoming a huge interest, seen as the domain of "troubled" girls  Why is there so much monitoring of girls' sexuality? o Judeo-Christian mythology o maintains the status quo o taking religious ideals and turning it into scientific vocabulary  "Legitimate rape" o the idea proposed by Todd Akin that women who are "legitimately" raped can't get pregnant because the female body has self-defense measures to "shut the whole thing down" o many doctors concur and back him up  if pregnancy, STI's, etc were really the concern
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