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SOCI 2221
Vanessa Oliver

Youth, Identity, and Technology  with each generation, the ways technology influences youth, grows and changes  Facebook o 15 million active users, September 2006 o 100 million, September 2008 o 900 million, September 2012 o Dunbar's number: suggests that there is a cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These relationships in which an individual knows each person and maintains strong social ties  Dunbar- social/cultural anthropologist  strong-medium connections- you know who the person is, you remain socially tied to them in some way  the more people you have in your social cognitive list, the more we need restrictive laws on how we maintain these relationships, the more difficult and stressful it becomes to maintain close relationships with people  Dunbar's number is proposed to be between 100-230, commonly used value is 150  those relationships will only survive with face to face contact  includes all relatives, very close friends, more casual acquaintances  you have to have reciprocal relationships of trust and obligation, once the number gets too high, one feels the stress of spreading oneself too far  demarcates those who you know, from those you are only casual with  "social core"- those people with whom you are very close- those who wish you a happy birthday even if your birthday isn't posted  Peter Marsden- even if they socialize a lot, people only have a handful of individuals with whom they can divulge personal information  theory- as social networking increases, social core will grow  actually- social core is shrinking, less time to dedicate to social core o Cameron Marlow, Facebook's in-house sociologist  120 facebook friends  men: 7 comments or wall posts, 4 facebook chats/inbox messages  women: 10 comments or wall posts, 6 facebook chats or inbox messages  500 facebook friends  men: 17 comments/wall posts, 10 facebook chats/inbox  women: 26 comments/wall posts, 16 chats/inbox  theory- this will not change, this is our maximum capacity for communication o "People who are members of online socia
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