BRTF 1229 Lecture 3: Lecture 3: BRTF 1229

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BRTF 1229 – Broadcast Journalism II
Lecture 3 – February 12, 2016
The Television Script: Writing to Visuals
The Television Script
Television is a team medium
Television News has many players: Anchors, Director, Switcher, Script Assistant, Audio,
Teleprompter Operator, Video Operator
Many of these people may need scripts
The Split Page
Include the audio and visuals to be used
Include how each element is to be inserted
Everyone on the team has to know what is expected, and what is going on at all times
Many difference script formats have been tried over the years…most have a common
They are split down the middle
The newsreaders copy/script is on the right
Terminology/OC (On-Camera)
On Camera…the anchor will be reading O/C.
oThe name of the person who on camera can be placed beside the notation so there
is no confusion when two anchors are used
V/O: Voice Over…the anchor reads over still or video images
oAgain, the name of the anchor who is doing the voice over should be written
beside the notation
SOT: Sound on Tape…it is a video insert including the audio
oAlso know as a sound bite or clip
oIn cues and out cues are given along with running time of insert
oRefers to a still picture
CG: character graphic
oPrints letters across the screen
oUsually used to provide the names of people on camera
oOne image over another
Key Box
oA graphic box on the screen with a graphic or an image
oNormally used in conjunction with the term KEY…as in Key Box of Still
B/G: background
oUsually used as an audio instruction
oSound on tape, background for voiceover - means the audio on an insert is played
in the background
Same Rules
While the formatting is different, most of the other rules of Writing for Broadcast apply
Broadcast Writing Conventions still apply
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